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“Martin weaved fascinating stories of his experience in the navy and expertly tied them to practical and insightful leadership strategies.”

Kerri Richards, Director & Founder – Uplifted Homeschooling



“Excellent insight on leading people who are often very different to us. Also enjoyed hearing   about growing through accepting and acting on feedback.”

Alan McFadyen, Founder – BitWinder



“Great demonstration that even in an environment as rigid as Defence, choices that respond to the human side creates better outcomes.”

Valerie Bares, Director of Sustainability & Environmental Management – ESC Consulting


“Martin shared attitudes and reflective thinking points, connected to incredibly engaging analogies. As an educator the same principles can apply to the classroom and that is what made this truly valuable – the transferability of Martin’s message.”

Laura Birchall, Executive Assistant – Small Giants Advisory

“Well presented. A very important message on how teams really perform and how leaders, true leaders educate, inspire and grow their team. And in doing so… grow themselves.”

Geoff Smith



“Martin has a career of high-quality leadership experience and brings this to life in an engaging and vibrant manner, relevant to us all.”

James Harrap, Shell Australia


“Martin is an absolutely brilliant speaker. He combines real life stories told with passion and humour with inspirational words of wisdom on leading people in the modern-age. My favourite quote is “we need to get comfortable not having all the answers and ask better questions.”

Fiona Southwell, Director – Alliance Change Management


“Thoughtful insight on leadership based on real life experience, and how to build a performing team based on truth.”

Brad Roberts



“In life we sometimes play safe, but drive it like you stole it, away from your goal to turn it around and hit it harder, to push through was exceptional.”

Cavell Cooper, Property Management Specialist – Hugo Alexander Property Group


“Wrapped in true tales of life leadership at sea and at war, Martin speaks on the choices a leader makes and the role of these choices in driving high performance leaders. Engaging, warm, relatable, funny and wickedly on point.”

Sara Hales, Founder – The Bold Effect

Excellent audience engagement

Excellent audience engagement

“Great delivery. Discretionary effort is a key differentiator in a high functional relationship.

Excellent audience engagement.”

Phil Tighe, Process Manager – Sedgman Pty Limited



“Understanding that there is a balance between person and task is a game changer to learning leadership. Thank you for the reminder.”

Olivia Ryan, Senior Manager EHS – EY

Michael Lloyd


“Great, personalised presentation with wonderful, practical relevance and application.”

Michael Lloyd Sport Psychologist, Cricket Australia

Claire Fountain

Clearly a skilful presenter

“Martin is clearly a skilful, presenter whose messages appeal equally to both men and women.  As a woman in the audience, I was able to easily relate to his stories, enjoyed them and felt that he had a great deal of respect for people in general. Gender was not introduced to the conversation, which unfortunately has not been my experience with some others. I found Martin to be someone that brings great value to leaders and potential leaders within our community.”

Claire Fountain, Director Sorted 4 Life

Conrad Sadlo


“Martin’s approach to executive coaching brought me immediate benefits. I now have a better understanding of how I process and think, and how I influence and lead.

His extensive experience has allowed me to harness and develop my own strengths-based approach to leadership.”

Conrad Sadlo, COMCARE

Andrew Rushbrook

“Your presentation hit the mark beautifully and we were able to build upon the themes you introduced to the group later in the day. The success of your presentation was reflected in the lively question and answer session that you generated and a number of my staff privately expressed their thanks and approval. Once again thank you for taking the time to share your valuable insights and its application to private enterprise leadership.”

Andrew Rushbrook, Operations Manager JACOBS Australia

Peter McDonald

ACPET engaged Martin to deliver a keynote address for our 2018 national conference, a sub-theme of which was leading in challenging times. We approached him interested in his ‘leadership under fire’ presentation, given the key message’s potential synergy with that being experienced by providers in our sector. 

From the outset Martin was eager to understand our needs and the state of the market, and to work with us as to how he might customise his story moral to optimise its resonance with, and take away by, our event attendees. He communicated and met with us as part of his preparations to ensure the most possible compliance with our brief. He acted as our partner.

His delivery style was polished and highly engaging. His presentation was light but structured and thorough, and Martin was one of the most highly evaluated speakers of our whole conference program. His most scored rating by our delegates was 5/5.

Peter McDonald ACPET Acting Chief Executive, and ACPET 2018 Conference Convenor

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