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High Performance Leadership Program

100 Days To Becoming The Leader You Can Be

Over the past five years, Martin has delivered countless coaching sessions, workshops and keynotes to businesses and leaders all over the world, and what he has found its that leadership comes down to these questions:

  • How can I do better as a leader? 
  • I want to know more about myself and how to adapt my leadership style to solve the challenges in my workplace 
  • What are the tips and strategies that I need for high-performance leadership? 
  • What actions can I take to lift my team’s performance as I set up to the next level? 
  • How can I communicate better, deal with conflict and achieve more without burning people?
leadership course by Martin Brooker
Martin Brooker Leadership Program

With these questions in mind, and decades of experience as a high-performing leader in some of the most dangerous conditions in the world, Martin has developed Building High Performance Leadership, a 100-day program designed to help you be the best leader you can be.

By the end of the 100 days, you will be able to confidently and instinctively:

  • Unpack the ‘stumbling’ blocks that once impacted you and other leaders 
  • Enhance your individual leadership capability 
  • Increase confidence in performing role requirements of a leader 
  • Provide your team with new ways of thinking

Become The Leader You Can Be

100 days to become the leader you can be

The Program

Building High Performance Leadership provides teams with a powerful exploration of how you can build the foundations of your leadership capability and change the way you lead people.

With insights into what’s needed for high-performance, you will unpack the three key elements of any high-performance leader.



Before we can lead others, we must have an intrinsic awareness and understanding of ourselves and what might influence our thinking. In this program we’ll explore your personal:

  • Values 
  • Leadership Styles  
  • Behaviours 
  • Emotions

It’s only when you understand yourself, can you become more aware of your strengths and where your thinking preferences might be a challenge in working with others.

After the 100 days, as a leader you’ll have a great understanding of yourself and have the courage and confidence to:

  • Adapt your behaviours 
  • Consider how your choices impact others 
  • Live every day with purpose






Leadership is a combination of soft and hard skills that helps you build and achieve high performing teams. Area of skill development that we explore in this program include:

  • Interpersonal 
  • Decision making 
  • Communications 
  • Political nouns 
  • Managing complexity 
  • Analytical 
  • Social awareness and empathy 

After the 100 days, the program will equip you with a foundation of these skills, along with a suite of practical strategies, tactics, and tools, to enable you to respond to the changing dynamics of an environment.

You will be able to recognise when you don’t always have the answers, and how to find the next best question. Equipped with the skills to get above an issue, exercise judgement over the next steps and be comfortable that you don’t need a ‘silver’ bullet solution to achieve high performance.



High performance is underpinned by achievement and surpasses simply just “talking about doing it”.

If you’re to achieve a level of high performance as a leader, you must be able to build momentum within your team and inspire and motivate them to action and deliver outcomes. 

During the program, we will explore how you can build a culture of high performance, through action including:

  • Creating a shared vision 
  • Ensuring a safe workplace 
  • Influencing others 
  • Inspiring ethical behaviour 
  • Effective decision making at the right level 
  • Building an inclusive and cohesive team 
  • Developing the next generation 
  • Anticipating future needs 
  • A culture of accountability and responsibility

The Delivery


Delivered either in person or online


100 days


8 workshops

The Building High Performance Leadership program consists of eight sessions that can be delivered either online or in-person.
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