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Military Keynote Speaker

Lived experience that will ignite and inspire

Hear how Martin commanded some of the toughest conditions in the world, to lead his men and women out of harm’s way.

Martin’s deep insights and powerful lessons of leadership, high-stakes and mistakes that helped deliver on mission-critical imperatives, will ignite, and inspire any audience.

As a naturally gifted storytelling with a commanding presence, Martin has a unique ability to draw humour into complex situations.

Keynotes can be delivered in-person or online.


“Great leadership is about social capital and human connection.” 

Martin shares his lived experience and draws on the everyday lessons from frontline operations in the Middle East and the Pacific to the corporate boardroom. 

From the bridge of a warship in a perfect storm, Martin guides us to what we need to do to lean into everyday leadership.

Emotional Competence

“People will feel like conscripts unless you become emotionally competent.”

The moment you realise that you’re not “floating anyone’s boat”, it’s a sign you need to change the way you lead people. 

Through personal change and growth, Martin shares how he turned failure around by understanding that the greatest asset we have is the capacity to be emotionally competent.


“You create margin when you know how to develop a high performing team.”

Building up a team of people doesn’t come from simply barking orders at them. In this keynote, Martin reminds us that if you want a high performing team when the chips are down; it is what you do today that will make them instantly put up their hand to help, instead of simply wondering whether they should.

Keynote Topics


Develop today for the uncertainty of tomorrow


Resilience comes when we stretch our team everyday

High Performance Teamwork

You can lead conscripts to be a high performing team


Agility comes from our conscious and unconscious choices

Decision Making

It is not about the right decision, it’s about how do you make it right


Values are the core of what it means to be part of a team

Diversity and Inclusion

Find the confidence to step into diversity and inclusion

Culture Change

The shift comes when we go first and lean into the change

Toxic Masculinities

Moving from dominated to inclusive cultures

Who Martin Has Spoken For

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