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Executive Coaching

Do you want to know how to step up and lean into everyday leadership?

Martin’s deep insights and powerful lessons of leadership, high-stakes and mistakes that helped deliver on mission-critical imperatives, will ignite, and inspire individuals wanting to take their leadership to the next level.

A provocateur of order to chaos, Martin challenges assumptions and the order of things to encourage shifts in thinking to explore opportunities for development. This is most powerful when Martin works one-on-one with a client in his role as executive coach. 

Martin’s coaching applies a systematic, strength-based approach to support executives to adapt and shift thinking for next level leadership.

Coaching programs are highly adaptive and tailored to meet the needs of clients and can deep-dive into areas of leadership development, career transition, team coaching and development.

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What Is Coaching?

Executive coaching helps individuals explore everyday challenges and translate choices into clear actions, and an accountability framework for those actions.

Coaching engagements shaped around organisational and individual needs can lead to improved outcomes in the areas of:

  • Self-management and higher performance
  • Identifying and implementing strategies to enhance personal communications
  • Constructively addressing team and workplace challenges leading people through uncertainty
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How Will You Work With Martin?

Martin’s approach to coaching is that we all, intuitively, have significant strengths that can be resourceful as a leader, and we always have a choice.

To help you lean into every leadership requires a systematic, strength-based approach, and this is where Martin, working alongside you with a bespoke program, will guide you through practical steps and equip you with the skills you require to adapt, shape, and transform you into the leader you’ve always wanted to be.

Martin will work with you to unlock your potential in the areas of: 

  • Leadership and managing teams 
  • Career transition (from being technically competent to a leader) 
  • Personal development 
  • Communication 
  • How to develop thriving workplaces
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