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About Martin Brooker

Keynote Speaker and Leadership Coach

Commodore Martin Brooker (retired) is an expert in leadership, with an instinctive ability to scan any environment and identify where complexity, incongruence, and ambiguity are obscuring the line of sight, impacting team potential and performance.

Martin learned the importance and reliance on leadership throughout his 37-year career as an officer in the Royal Australian Navy.

Martin’s operation service included command of an Amphibious Ship in the Middle East and the Pacific, the Navy’s elite Clearance Divers and Deputy Commander of Australia’s Joint Forces in the Middle East and Afghanistan.

Recognised for his experience to inspire, educate, and activate deeper leadership capacity, Martin was the Program Director for the Navy’s biggest change program, New Generation Navy.

Martin Brooker Leadership Coach
Martin Brooker Keynote Speaker

Retired from full-time Naval service, Martin travels the world, drawing on his experiences to help leaders drive cultural change, address complex problems, and lift their teams to higher performance.

As an experienced Keynote Speaker and Leadership Coach, Martin works with various industries globally, particularly those working in high-risk environments.

To help middle to senior leaders’ transition to the next stage of their career and transform from technically competent to emotionally competent and high performing leaders, Martin has developed a 100-day Building High Performance Leadership Program, delivered online or in-person, with limited intake across the year. 


To help businesses grow positive leaders who can be trusted to navigate complexity and create workplaces people love to go to work.


Martin’s commitment is to work with you to:

  • Identify the strategic and leadership gaps within your business 
  • Leverage what you already have and build on these foundations 
  • Deliver the leadership capability you need
  • Lift you and your team to higher performance 
  • Support sustained leadership growth

Through personal change and growth, Martin shares how he turned failure around by understanding that the greatest asset we have is the capacity to be emotionally competent.

Career Highlights

  • Decorated veteran of 37 years’ service in the Royal Australian Navy
  • Operational service in the Middle East, Afghanistan and the Pacific
  • Command of an Amphibious Ship on operations
  • Commander of Navy’s elite Clearance Divers and Mine Warfare Force
  • Deputy Commander of Australia’s Joint Forces in the Middle East and Afghanistan
  • Program Director for Navy’s Major Change Program (New Generation Navy) 
  • Awarded the Conspicuous Service Cross in 2004 for outstanding achievement in Command of the Maritime Task Group in the Solomon Islands
  • Awarded a Commendation for Distinguished Service in 2014 for distinguished performance of duty in war-like-operations as Deputy Commander in the Middle East
  • UN Command Rear Liaison Officer, US Seventh Fleet in Japan
  • US Secretary of the Navy – Commendation
  • RUOK? Community Ambassador
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