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Martin Brooker Motivational Speaker

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From Frontline to Boardroom

Are you ready to become the captain of your team, business, or enterprise? 

With a Naval career of 37 years, including Command at Sea, Commodore Martin Brooker intrinsically understands the importance and reliance teams place on good leaderSHIP. 

Retired from full-time Naval service, Martin travels the world, drawing on his experiences to help leaders drive cultural change, address complex problems, and lift their teams to higher performance.

Martin Brooker Keynote Speaker


Sharing lived experiences from his Naval career, Martin Brooker will ignite and inspire any audience with his powerful keynote drawing on mistakes made and critical lessons learned to lead teams to deliver on mission-critical imperatives.



100-day program aimed at building the foundations for transforming middle to senior managers from technically competent to emotionally competent and high performing leaders.



Bespoke coaching, delivered one-one-on, or in a small group, to help navigate challenges and initiate next level performance and leadership.

Who is Martin Brooker?

Immersed in a Naval career for 37 years with Command at sea and operational service in the Middle East, Afghanistan & the Pacific, Martin has lived experience leading men and women in harm’s way.

An expert in leadership and culture change, Martin provides crucial leadership advisory and education to organisations to deliver bespoke cultural change projects, address complex problems, deliver the potential of leadership and help lift teams to achieve higher performance, globally.

Martin has become a highly sought-after keynote speaker and leadership coach.

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How can you experience the leadership growth you need?

For Leadership development to deliver tangible impact, your keynote speakers and programs must be tailored to the unique needs and context of the business and the nuances of the environment.

This means that events and workshops need to be linked to organisational context, create evidenced success supported by senior leaders that are in boots and all to champion the development effort.

You get the results you want at the collision of your organisations’ needs, the experience of a proven leader that can support your people in personal growth and development.

But what do you and your people actually need to learn to create a stronger business?

If you and your team understand the basics of leadership, emotional intelligence and communications, then your people can be the high performing team you deserve and they will thrive.

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It’s time to unlock your leadership potential

“One of our big challenges is we are rewarded early in our careers for being technically competent and getting it 100% right, and we suddenly think we can solve all the problems. The reality is that we can’t, and we need to learn how to lead others through the challenges of the day without necessarily having all the answers.”

Martin Brooker


100 Days To Become The Leader You Can Be